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A bespoke programme of tailored events and venue takeovers to launch Bumble’s first ever IRL singles nights - taking the digital app into the physical world.

the challenge

To develop, curate and produce a series of events across London in Q4 2022 for Bumble users. The campaign needed to drive brand awareness, relevance and cultural capital among Millennials and Gen-Zs. The ambition was for an impactful launch event to kick-start the programme to drive earned media, followed by a series of smaller events every week across multiple London boroughs.

the solution

We tailored the event programme to cater for a variety of audience interests, enabling guests to ensure they had common ground and linking directly back to Bumble's 'Interest Badges', a key feature within the app.

The launch event took place at the iconic Tower Bridge, which provided a show-stopping evening featuring well-known artists such as, Roman Kemp, DJ'ing, and a mix of guests including press, influencers and Bumble users. The momentum from the launch was carried forward into smaller weekly events ranging from coffee and dog walking in partnership with Knoops, to flaming cocktails at Trailer Happiness to celebrate bonfire night! A scalable event kit was created to bring elements of the Bumble brand to each venue in a subtle, unostentatious way.

To drive pre-awareness of each experience, we designed and created a series of animated social assets that were pushed out across Bumble’s channels, encouraging users to sign-up for the events in-app.

the impact

The series was extremely successful - a total of 8 events were delivered over a 7-week period, with 1000+ attendees.

The campaign resulted in a noticeable spike in brand metrics (including brand recognition and awareness) and due to its popularity, the programme is now being rolled-out across 2023.

client feedback

Bumble wanted onepointfive to show us how we could bring our app into the physical world. They came up with a series of IRL experiences that our current members would want to talk about and share - as well as helping us attract new members to the app. From the tone of voice they came up with, to the quirky venue options, to the instagrammable moments, to the digital ads they created - every last detail had been thought about in relation to us as a brand and executed so well. And they're a great bunch to work with.

Harley Ilott, Senior Marketing Manager

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