pringles global brand relaunch

To support Pringles' first global brand refresh in more than 25 years (following the iconic ‘Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop’), we helped launch their new ‘Mind Popping’ campaign.

To promote the campaign, we produced a five-minute, Mind Popping projection mapped light show onto the Lee Valley VeloPark (the London 2012 Olympic Velodrome) and live-streamed it across EMEA.

the challenge

To create a 'Mind Popping' stunt, driving awareness of Pringles new visual identity in an unnecessarily ingenious and fun way, whilst highlighting the products unchanged, but unique, ‘hyperbolic paraboloid’ shape.

The concept needed to be ownable to Pringles and reach consumers across EMEA, whilst remaining mindful of the ever-changing COVID restrictions and therefore the need for the experience to be flexible and adapt from hybrid to fully virtual, if required.

the solution

We produced a five-minute light show and bespoke 3D projection mapping experience, with animated content that communicated how 'You were made for Pringles'!

The tongue-in-cheek show took place on the eve of Charles Darwin’s birthday, with the man himself making a guest appearance and narrating the story of how the world began with a big pop and that the real evolution of the universe saw people grew opposable thumbs to open Pringles cans, have tongues perfectly shaped to hold saddle-shaped Pringles chips and grew taste buds to taste iconic Pringles flavours. During the show, the new Pringles branding was exclusively revealed with bold, colourful animations bringing it to life.

To accompany the content, a bespoke binaural (3D) soundtrack was produced with sound effects created from Pringles, once again highlighting the ingenuity of the product and ensuring that Pringles remained at the heart of the activation.

When considering venue options for the activation, we explored buildings shaped like a hyperbolic paraboloid and secured the Lee Valley VeloPark (the London 2012 Olympic Velodrome) – AKA the world’s biggest Pringle! The venue choice played a key role in ensuring we had an immediate PR hook and that the experience was completely ownable to Pringles.

Additionally to the PR and social pre-awareness, local resident drops were conducted in the lead up to the launch to push the IRL onsite attendance when COVID restrictions were lifted and to encourage those with flats overlooking the Velodrome to watch the show from their balconies.

the impact

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, the campaign generated huge reach with a large number of consumers watching the livestream and more than 6 million viewing the subsequent post-show edits via Instagram.

Several high-profile press outlets covered the launch.

The activation is being treated as an ongoing legacy piece by Pringles with content from the show being utilised and pushed out across a variety of media ongoing (internally and externally) and the bespoke Pringles soundtrack was released on Spotify.

client feedback

I want to say a massive thank you on behalf of the whole Pringles Europe team. What you pulled off last night was spectacular – world class. It was creative and brilliantly executed.

Tracy Murphy, Senior Director Europe

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